Pure Relaxation Gift Set

Pure Relaxation Gift Set

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Rest and Relax as you discover the unique comfort of Chiva-Som’s soft, loose-fitting cotton Tai Chi pajamas, the soothing ambiance of a 100% natural Amber and Lavender Aroma Candle, and Chiva-Som’s renowned AYU sleep spray, made with only the purest ingredients of geranium, ylang ylang, bergamot and patchouli oils. Use the AYU spray on your pillow for amazingly restful sleep. This is the perfect wellness set for deep relaxation for you and for your loved ones.

Pure Relaxation gift set includes:
1. Chiva-Som Tai Chi Pajamas – 1 set
2. AYU sleep spray (30ml.) – 1 bottle
3. Amber and Lavender Aroma Candle - 1 piece


Size S: Shirt waist 19.5 x L25.5 inches / Pant waist 12.5xL37 inches
Size M: Shirt waist 21.5 x L27.5 inches / Pant waist 13.5 x L37.5 inches
Size L: Shirt waist 21.5 x L28.5 inches / Pant waist 13.5 x L38 inches
Size XL: Shirt waist 22.5 x L29.5 inches / Pant waist 13.5 x L41.5 inches
Size XXL: Shirt waist 23.5 x L30.5 inches / Pant waist 14.5 x L42.5 inches